Tutorial: How to Install Outfields?


This tutorial will let you understand how to install .bmp/.png outfields to .fsh format. All you need is the following three ingredients to install outfields for your EA Sports Cricket 07. Go through each and every step for correctly installing the outfields.

Required Tools:

1) Default Outfields

These are the default outfields, save them to any folder of your choice in your hard disk, they are meant to be modified!

2) Fshed 0.5

This tool/program enables you to open .fsh files and imports textures (.bmp/.png) files in it, thus to modify the default outfields!

3) Outfields list & Codes

Lets you know each countries outfields & its codes. Scroll down, you will find the outfields codes in the bottom of this page.

Procedures to Install:

Now If you have download .bmp outfield from my thread, then these following steps lets you know how to put them in the game, make sure you have all three things [Default outfields, Fshed & Outfields List and codes]

1) Open FshEd.

2) Click on file.

3) click on open, then select the file to open.

4) open the file and click on ‘clmp’ then u shall see the outfield.

5) click on object and then on ‘import’.

6) then the below menu will appear, after that click on NEW.

7) when u click on new the below menu will appear. Select the desired outfield file and click on open.

8) when u do step 7, u will see that the old file has been replaced, now click on UPDATE.

9) when UPDATE is clicked u shall see the menu below.

11) now click on option ‘File’ and save it and put that fsh file into ur c2k7 root directory.

You’re Done!!

If the outfield is in .PNG/.PSD/.JPG format then after the 4th step, Click on TOOLS > GRAPHICS IMPORTER > Click on OPEN > then a window will appear, select “ALL SUPPORTED” from the drop down option of FILES OF TYPES > choose the desired outfield & click Open > then click UPDATE > then follow the 10th step.

Outfields List and Codes

0ce83d1bd97d73f5eed69ec9529a53f5.fsh – dusty (Eng/NZ)

1c17a12091fbc4ad4472d24f47ef9141.fsh – hard (Eng/NZ)

833735f6dd0a3fa94226bdce9c27b390.fsh – damp (Eng/NZ)

f0fe8bd2e7ec57ac46bb6cf33e5b7e04.fsh – green (Eng/NZ)

bc9ca3950f0a9d8bc6ef5264df44da3c.fsh – normal (Eng/NZ/WI)

f580a24be4ede1d0e5e9c3dd553baed6.fsh – dusty (WI)

b92fd0b5c5068b2257094267acf53067.fsh – hard (WI)

3eb8b8c31c1f381ae04eac077d9ea5ec.fsh – green (Aus/SA/WI/Zim)

ba6ea8d3ab81042cc60905c87e91bdc8.fsh – normal (Aus/SA/Zim)

c90799efb54aa395c60fb36ba9fd6b33.fsh – hard (Aus/SA/Zim)

f372a4c899782300322d1ee7769d1edd.fsh – dusty (Aus/Ind/Misc/Pak/SA/SL/WI/Zim)

d5646598f56cf4a071fbc1d96975708b.fsh – normal (Ind/Misc/Pak/SL)

085a22817e78db2ab0ae41f3d4a4ecd0.fsh – dry (all)

9ea146211cdf6d7ead3fc59a86e0d6d0.fsh – wet (all)

d8584d634d8c63d1e4d57630342a7f9c.fsh – nets

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