Test & ODI 14 roster for Cricket07 now released! (face bugs fixed)


Test & ODI 14 roster and facepack now released!

if you are getting face bugs in recently released ODI roster then download facepack which is released with this Test14 facepack. all bugs are fixed. both ODI and Test 14 facepacks are same. we will continue to update facepack with new faces. enjoy roster with faces. compatible with AC’s 256 HD BP

1. Download AC’s 256 HD BP(password: 256hd) – Download here

Note: If you are already using this Batpack then no need of installing this again. if you are seeing this time then you will have to install this.
2. Test14 roster –  Download here

ODI14 roster – Download here

3. XML file(if you are not getting faces then install that in your root directory). – Download here

4. facepack for ODI and Test roster(fixed) – Download here

Test ODI 14 roster for cricket 07



A2 Studios Cricket

⚾ a2 studios EA Sports Cricket 07 & DonBradman DBC 14 Patches, Vivo IPL 9 Patch, ICC T20 World Cup 2016, HBL PSL t20 Patch.

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18 Responses

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  1. karan singh says:

    Thanx For All these stuff.

  2. Hari says:

    I am not able to download this Rosters..
    What to do Plzz Reply..

  3. UMAIR says:

    whenever i load the roster than i start play the game it suddenly crashes after the toss

  4. praveen says:

    can you make new shots. i am bored of playing these shots much older. can you make new type of shots like of maxwell and of de villiears.

  5. asim says:

    The Roster Didnt Change

  6. rosters are not being updated….
    unable to extract the roster file!

  7. praveen says:

    the same problem i have hen i load odi14, start game, after toss, it stops and a message came notifying that ———————–.big file is missing

  8. Shahnoor says:

    Game is giving error after toss please fix it…

  9. I have loade the roasters and acepack..but when i start game game ..it shows .big one file is missing.what to do..plz answer

  10. Devansh Agarwal says:

    It is showing wrong password in the batpack when 256hd is entered as the PW. Pls fix ASAP!!!

  11. dante says:

    where to put the files

  12. Swaran says:

    .big are missing – when i start an ODI game

  13. arnav arsh says:

    site not opening

  14. Kane Ahsun says:

    The Roster Didnt Change. Why ???????????????????

  15. Swasz says:

    Why are the links not opening..”Link not found”…using hotspot shield..anything that we need to change in the url ??