[Poll] Excitement Level of Vivo IPL 9 Patch for EA Cricket 07


How excited are you for a2 studios Vivo IPL 2016 Patch?

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A2 Studios Cricket

⚾ a2 studios EA Sports Cricket 07 & DonBradman DBC 14 Patches, Vivo IPL 9 Patch, ICC T20 World Cup 2016, HBL PSL t20 Patch.

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29 Responses

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  1. Srivatsa says:

    Friends wait for some time a2 studios are THE BEST CRICKET MODDERS in the world and they might be making new innovations and we should support them and appreciate them and we must encourage them.I think this game will be the best cricket game ever.Am I right a2 studios?please reply and donot neglet this.Just we should update ourselves on this website regularly thats it.

  2. Gagan says:

    maybe you guys can make a patch of big bash of this year or natwest t20 blast

  3. Gagan says:

    very very excited

  4. Srivatsa says:

    please include kfc big bash league of melbourne stars etc.. and also create champions league and include in this.reply plzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Srivatsa says:

    Tell when are you realising.(approximation period fr completion of your work).Million people will be happy from this answer from you.a2-best in business

  6. Srivatsa says:

    A2 studios really you seem to be the best in business.Hope this will touch hearts of all cricket fans.All the best.

  7. Minesh says:

    Eagerly Waiting !!! Please release soon…

  8. Srivatsa says:

    When your work can be completed plzzzzzz reply very exciting a2 studios you are greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  9. akhil says:

    try to implement the commenty in this patch plzzzzz…….. all bored with old commentry ……..

  10. Arnab Sadhu says:

    Vivo IPL 9 (2016) Graphics Set Patch Download links are not working!!

  11. pawan says:

    I want indian domestic games patch like irani trophy etc .

  12. Srivatsa says:

    By the way on which date are you releasing this vivo ipl 9 patch please tell.Millions of indians are waiting for this reply from you.

  13. Srivatsa says:

    A2 studios please resemble the player faces and also give their commentary names properly(for indians also).We donot want pakistan in this.we want top 4 teams of ipl which has 8 teams to qualify.Improve graphics.I tell you all this because i feel you are best cricket site in the world right now.donot make it like ipl8 where only top 2 qualify.Plesae reply to this comment and donot neglet this as most people want this what i am posting

  14. EJ says:

    Take your time with this patch A2 Studios! Please make it error free. And add new gameplay. Can’t waot

  15. M.S Fayas says:

    It’s my kind request to a2 Studios.. Please don’t make it like ipl 8.patch…because the finalists in ipl 8 patch are choosed by the top teams of the two points tables…we don’t want it pls…..

  16. Ekam says:

    When will it release?