A2 Studios Cricket

⚾ a2 studios EA Sports Cricket 07 & DonBradman DBC 14 Patches, Vivo IPL 9 Patch, ICC T20 World Cup 2016, HBL PSL t20 Patch.

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  1. @Satyanarayan Kulthia you must have missed faces to install. Install faces which are released with roster in EA Sports cricket 2007 folder.

  2. i have not installed BBL+IPL PATCH,
    but i have installed all the other 13 things….!!
    BUT WHEN I CHOOSE SOMETHING……IT COMES AS———————> (Asyn load 9d76de8ac3e0820f57cf428b724af65.big failed)<————–

  3. when i choose batting or bowling then a pop up comes and tells ayns e49640gj945359350……. something failed????
    HELP ME PLEASE….!!!!

  4. Aswin says:

    Awesome stuff!

  5. BlitzBerg says:

    That looks great! KIU!

  6. nithin says:

    superb addy :)………but crowd doesnt move,its ok……thanks