King’s Gameplay Patch v1 for EA Sport Cricket 2007 Download now!


King’s Gameplay Version-1


  1. Extract “Kings Gameplay V1” rar file , then copy all files from Kings Gameplay V1 folder and paste into cricket root directory [ C:Program FilesEA SPORTSEA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07 ]
  2. Before Copy and and paste my Gameplay take Backup on your old gameplay and Delete your all old gameplay files.
  3. Don’t mingle my gameplay files with other gameplay files bcoz you maynot get realistic gameplay.
  4. Run Game and Play game with Realistic gameplay.


  1. My Gameplay finely work on with AbBh Modified Cricket07 exe..
  2. You will Download AbBh Modified Cricket07 exe here –> AbBh Modified Cricket07 exe


  1. Cpu can bat depends on situation.
  2. Starting Power play overs cpu run rate above 8 and middle over 5, late few overs 10. You can limit Cpu run rate by bowling good length ball.
  3. Edges also possible and Its depending on pitch type.
  4. You can hit flat six and also out of ground sixes.
  5. Gameplay Suitable to All three Formats(TEST,ODI,T20) Note: I tested my Gameplay with AbBh Modified Cricket07 exe. So Strongly Recommended to use AbBh Modified Cricket07 exe for My Gameplay..


Credits: Special thanks to AbBh for giving permission to use AbBh Modified Cricket07 exe
Comments Appreciated for update better Gameplay.

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  1. Shery Raja says:

    game error quu day rhe h

  2. Azam Shah says:

    which are old game play files????

  3. Sahil says:

    Tell me Please which are the old gameplay files are to be deleted, Please tell and how to use AbBh Cricket07.exe

  4. Sahil says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Danish Khan says:

    I Download Ea Cricket 2013 and it is working fine thanks for share admin you are awesome!

  6. rishi says:

    The link is broken

  7. Shaan P says:

    So can I just paste the files in the root directory and replace all the old files? Will that work?

  8. SIJO says:

    Hi Just place the Abbh modified Exe in :C//EA Sports/Mainfolder and open the Game with Abbh’s Exe .Do not replace the original EXE. You may rename the Abbh’s exe

  9. Moanish Cs says:

    how to use AbBh Modified Cricket07 exe???