International Cricket 2014 HD Kits for EA Sports Cricket 07 Now Released


International Cricket 2014 HD Tours ODI Kits Patch for EA Sports 2007 is now available for download. Download here the International Cricket 2014 HD Kits for EA Sports Cricket 07 now. These are the most authentic kits coming in here after a long gap in a pack! You would definitely have enjoyed our International Cricket 2012 Kits Patch by Shaharyar before. This time Shailesh Kumar (@A2Shailesh) brings 2014 Mega International Tour Kits for you! You would definitely going to enjoy them. The mouthwatering stuff is now released and links are given below. Preview of the kits also provided. This will definitely blow your mind 😉


International Cricket 2014 Kits Patch Download:

International Cricket 2014 Kits Patch for EA Cricket 07 Preview

international kits 2014 patch ea sports cricket 07 download free

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16 Responses

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  1. spk says:

    Thanku man loving this game than ever…..

  2. Abdul Azeem says:

    plz reply fast what to do there is no skip ad buttion

  3. Abdul Azeem says:

    HEY MAN ON linkbucks there is no skkip add button what do i do
    plz reply fast

  4. joel mathew says:

    how can i get current(new) indian squad in my cricket 2007

  5. Sisir Pandey says:

    no all kits are working at first i also didnot knew but i randomly extracted files to root directory and it works!!!

  6. mohamedfaizal says:

    thanks for the kits it works!!!

  7. Sachin says:

    To do this properly do the following steps
    1.Download any kit
    2.Extract it to EA Sports Root Directory
    3.Then go to the file in (Not in winRAR)but where EA sports folder is located
    4.Then are something like this 8e354357395354523(etc..)(Depending on the kit the numbers)
    5.Copy that
    6.Then Paste in your root directory
    7.Then go to EA Sports “CREATE PLAYER”
    8.Then go to the nationalities
    9.Go to the relevante country that u downloaded the new upload kit if it’s ok or no
    10.Enjoy Gaming!

  8. after extracting ,there is no change in kits

  9. Aryan says:

    please give all in one file