ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Startup Screen-Overlay-Pause Menu Now Released For EA Sports Cricket 07


ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Startup Screen-Overlay-Pause Menu Now Released For EA Sports Cricket 07. The wait is over, for what every one was waiting for 1 month, finally releases here. Its no one other, no studio other but its the friendly Muzammil and the A2 Studios The Best in Business who have done this superior patch. Download it, enjoy it and !!!!! But avoid modifying it!!!!


How to Install?

 Just extract all files using Winrar or 7Zip and put all files in C07 Root folder!

Error Fixed!

If you are facing any error of the game being crashed or else then put this file (Download Here). But be sure do not press “ESC” immediately after end of over or ball. Hope it works for you (side effects will be that the bg color will be of low quality) Thanks.

ICC Previews

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32 Responses

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  1. Nazir says:

    Plz help me…!when i install this the game is crashed by press esc…! Plz help me any update of this problem…!

  2. Jitu Gouda says:

    CRC failed in 857589376c25fe8134b93ee66ac9ce58.fsh.The file is corrupt.
    Unexpected end of archive.

  3. SARfRAZ says:

    I cant download anything

    when i click on the link there comes a ad

  4. Hello there!!

    Please help me !!

    I used your this appreciated overlay!!
    But when i start the game and press esc the game crashes!!

    and you give me solution of my problem by this ‘Error FIXED’ option.

    I use this the problem is not solved !!!

    Please help me !!

  5. Devansh Agarwal says:

    Pls get this problem solved…. The game crashes everytime i press ESC

  6. brad says:

    I m not able to download please release it on mediafire.com

  7. Isah Jasim says:

    Came crashed

  8. Luke says:

    Any update on the error fix…….

  9. saif ul haq says:

    delete the file “1e91373e79cb069bba2636890f32a365.big”from the directory And run the game everything works f9…..

  10. Shaurya says:

    in the file which you are saying that startup screen, overlay and pause menu is present but there is no startup screen coming in my game and overlay and pause menu is coming but startup screen is not coming…

  11. Luke says:

    Even after adding the error fix file it crashed. I didn’t press ESC rather waited to load automatically but no use. Pls give another shot. Thanks.

    • gamu says:

      yes still there is a problem please fix this

      • Muzammil Ahmed says:

        looking to sort out the solution… What’s happening don’t know… but will try to resolve it early

        • gamu says:

          look all the pause menu overlays you guys made are fine and this is also fine,,,but this may have some errors,,,please fix this,,,this pause menu overlay is really good and realistic,,,,please fix it soon

        • Isah Jasim says:

          wanna play now
          and can make the ros file without error
          when we play with wc14 ros its craches

  12. gamu says:

    game crashed again after error fix

  13. gamu says:

    still there is a problem,,,,the loading screen is white completely

  14. yuvi says:

    pls fix the game crash

  15. Luke says:

    Every time I press ESC the game crashes, kindly fix this error rest everything is good.

  16. saif ul haq says:

    file “1e91373e79cb069bba2636890f32a365.big” is corrupted
    fix it soon

  17. saif ul haq says:

    awesum work But game Crashes on pause Menu……

  18. harshit says:

    the game is crashed after One over

  19. gamu says:

    world cup 2015 pause menu overlay crashes all the time when pressing ESC to go to the pasuse menu after ending an over……THIS OVERLAY IS REALLY APPRACIATING…..but please FIX this CRASH……

  20. gamu says:

    world cup 2015 scorecard pause menu patch has some errors……in pause menu text color of over under the team run is black some times and some times it is white,,,,,,it should be white permanently,,,,,,,when the game starts the screen where the match btwn two teams is showing is completely white,,,,this should be fixed

  21. #ThankYouTaylor says:

    since installing this my game has closed everytime i use ESC to pause!

  22. cricket 07 fan says:

    As we can select the stadiums in Champions trophy , can we also select our preferable stadiums in the World Cup games ? If you know please reply.