ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Overlay Now Released!


ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Overlay Released for EA Sports Cricket 07, Free Download ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Overlay for EA Sports Cricket 07. Download the latest overlay. Enjoy ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Experience in your game.
Just download it from below , use winrar to extratc all files and copy paste all files in your c07 root directory.
Download ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Overlay
icc world cup 2015 overlay patch ea cricket 07

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22 Responses

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  1. chaitanya sai narayana says:

    worldcup overplay are not downloading

  2. sabarish says:

    where is mediafire?this one contains Virus and cant been extracted

  3. muhammad affaan pasha says:

    how do i download ?:(

  4. soham telang says:

    it’s not working…. even after pasting both the files in the root folder….plzz help

  5. saif ul haq says:

    hey team Do you HAve Ea vp6 encoder 1.0 …plz snd me

  6. cricket 07 fan says:

    All the best for your work a2team . Make the WC15 game the best of your all patches. And release it as soon as possible. We are eagerly waiting

  7. saif ul haq says:

    Can You Make Intro Video

  8. brad says:

    Hey, a2 studios what is next thing of world cup 15 you are releasing it? And when you are releasing

  9. brad says:

    please release wc2015 fixtures and stadiums first…

  10. cricbuzz says:

    please release wc2015 fixtures and stadiums first

  11. cricket 07 fan says:

    It is nice but if you had replaced the website logo by the cwc15 logo it would have been more beautiful.

    And quickly release the full kits of world cup teams. I am waiting for your response so long..

  12. Devansh Agarwal says:

    it is a fake and virus link to datafilehost.com which made my Google Chrome not work for one day. Pls release this overlay with link to mediafire.com with the zipped file format. PLS!! I really want this overlay!!!

  13. Devansh Agarwal says:

    it does not work

    • Shahnoor says:

      Its working fine for me. just download it open the folder copy two files and paste them to your root folder of ea cricket 07

  14. CricketFan says:

    This is nothing like the real CWC15 overlay :/

  15. saif ul haq says:

    IN CWC 2015 overlay the score box should be at top left corner….