Boundary Music Patch 2016 for Cricket 07 Download Here!


A2 Studios presents new Boundary music patch for Cricket 07. Download Free Boundary Music Patch 2016 for EA Sports Cricket 07 by A2 Studios. The Boundary music patch plays electrifying 2016 songs after every six hit or four smashed or wicket taken! This is something new and unique and makes the game more enjoyable. Download links are also provided.

Boundary Music Patch 2016:

Part 1 : Download
Part 2 : Download
Part 3 : Download
Part 4 : Download

Install Boundary Music Patch 2016 :

Just extract the content in your Cricket 07 Root Directory. Done! (Don’t put files in Audio folder)


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11 Responses

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  1. Game Winner says:

    a2 studios plz help me


  3. Game Winner says:

    plz help

  4. Game Winner says:

    cannot hear any song on hitting 6 or 4 or on taking a wicket

  5. Chris Gayle says:

    I cant get the download link…It continuously redirecting me to the ad links….

    Please someone give the direct link.
    Put dash ” – ” before the link to post here… i.e. -

    • Minesh says:

      Chill man….Advertise links are the only source of their earnings 🙂

      Here are the links –

      Part 1-

      Part 2 -

      Part 3 -

      Part 4 -

  6. siddharth says:

    page not opening and game always auto crash in wc 2016 tournament

  7. H K says:

    Can’t download please help

  8. A2 studios fan says:

    plz make a commentary patch too…

  9. GOKULRAJ says:

    thanks a2 studios for taking my comment to make boundary music