A2 Studios’ ICC World Cup T20 2012 (ICC WC T20) Patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007


We are releasing our famous A2 Studios ICC World T20 2012 Patch in one single Installer EXE file. Enjoy A2 Studios ICC World t20 2012 Patch with accurate Kits, Stadiums, squads, logos, overlays, pitchad, stumps, main menu & much much more. If you have not tried it yet, then why not try now? This patch is sheer hardwork of our modders. So after playing the Patch, must provide us your feedback!
Here is the Link to Download A2 Studios ICC World t20 2012 Patch. Install WinRAR software to extract patch files.

Download ICC World T20 2012 Patch:

Download Here: ICC-World-T20-2012-Patch.EXE (170 MB)
Download Here: WCt20 2012 Fixtures
Download Here: Zaxwillows 256 HD Batpack (must)
Credits: RAVITEJA for uploading the Patch



Download and Install these patch files in the sequence listed below:
CLICK HERE to read the tutorial about HOW TO INSTALL PATCHES FOR CRICKET 07!

  1. Freshly installed EA Cricket 07. (skip this step if you have already installed the game)
  2. Download & Install ZAX 256 Bat Pack(Your Game will crash/hang if you do not install batpack)
  3. Download & Install face pack &Roster (by Charles)
  4. Download & Install Kits
  5. Download & Install Logos 
  6. Download & Install Outfields
  7. Download & Install Overlay& Menu Overlay
  8. Download & Install Stadiums
  9. Download & Install Pitchad & Stumps
  10. Download & Install Fixtures & Menu Text
  11. Download & Install Menu & License Screen 
  12. Download & Install Tournament Logo & Trophy
  13. Download & Install Intro video
  14. Download & Install Boundary Music Patch (plays music at 4, 6 & on Wickets)
  15. Download & Install Gameplay Patch



  • After Following above steps, launch the Cricket07.exe
  • In main menu, go to My Cricket > Load > Load the roster “WT20.ROS”
  • then go to Games Modes > International > ICC World Twenty20
  • Set the fixtures as “2012” and overs as “20
  • Set the use team, start playing the Patch!


CLICK HERE to read the tutorial about HOW TO INSTALL PATCHES FOR CRICKET 07!

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48 Responses

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  1. Admin Please Give me Big bash ipl clt20 and t20 2012 patches to my email

    Plz It is Very Big Help For Me…
    Plz My Dr…

  2. This Patches Have Serious Problem..
    Plz Remove Adfly and Linkbuk
    Fucking Property

  3. @raahat888

    what error r u getting? elaborate please so that we may help you. Have downloaded all 3 stadiums day & night? installed batpack? oufields? faces? because all of them are essential otherwise game will not work. Roster is installed in My documents/EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007 (TM) Folder. and all other files you have to install in My Computer/any drive C:/ EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007 (TM).

    I hope you got it?

  4. raahat888 says:

    I have done those steps like 5 times, yet the patch does not work, why can’t you just upload the patch into one godamn installer?

  5. @Rahul Kathuria

    Its simple you have to download the content that is listed above. then extract the fsh big etc files in EA Sports cricket 07 game folder in local drive in my computer. roster must be installed in my documents/EA sports cricket 07 folder.

  6. @BiShaL RoY
    same here bro :/ dont know why nobody is replying!!!its frustrating.I am eagerly excited to play this patch and nobody is replying

  7. raahat888 says:

    Can you please upload this patch into one installer or just one single file please, because somewhere along the way my extraction isn’t proper so the game does not load up, or if someone can please upload a torrent. I’ve been trying since months and have even downloaded each one of these files twice, so you’ve even made double the money from adf.ly, please don’t be such misers and upload the patches like before, into one installer, PLEASE!

  8. Faizan-ZoNy says:

    yar world cup me team selection k bad end now wala error ata hay 🙁

  9. what was the password off zaxwillows256 bat pack plzz ans

  10. saif ul haq says:

    how i download this patch

  11. raahat888 says:

    And yes, I have followed the instructions, put the rosters where they are, installed the bat pack, on a fresh copy and also copied all the files to the directory.

  12. raahat888 says:

    When I load the game up, all I get is a black screen, can you help me?

  13. sujith says:

    I know that u’re busy but if u can post a video of installing wct20 patch it will be great…its a request guys…..

    And by the way hats off for ur work ………:)

  14. sujith says:

    after the game loading screen the game doesnt work guys…pls help me

  15. @waleed. If you follow all steps. Game will work fine

  16. Anand says:

    Dear Ahad Bhai kindly upload your IPL 2012 Umpire kits again, mediafire gives error that the file is not available. Pls upload it again yaar and thanks for the IPL 5 Patch

    Kindly upload India 2012 ODI jersey, mediafire download gives India ODI 2011 jersey only. Thanks in advance bhai

  17. sohail says:

    menu not there in your site

  18. @Rp!t j@!n says:

    I have done all the above given steps.now when i am opening the game it is showing a blank screen.

  19. Obviously yes. If you selected No Patch will not installed properly.

  20. Monty Bore says:

    when i m going to copy files in the root directory it asks ‘would you like to replace files’ no to all and yes to all……….so what should i select no to all or yes to all

  21. thiranya says:

    Tournament Logo & WT20 Trophy Link Was Not Contained

  22. Shaun25 says:

    Menu Download link is not working!

  23. BiShaL RoY says:

    “stroke variation” patch error …whein i open it ,it shows me thyat”config. file not found” …any help ????????