A2 Studios’ ICC World Cup T20 2012 (ICC WC T20) Patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007


We are releasing our famous A2 Studios ICC World T20 2012 Patch in one single Installer EXE file. Enjoy A2 Studios ICC World t20 2012 Patch with accurate Kits, Stadiums, squads, logos, overlays, pitchad, stumps, main menu & much much more. If you have not tried it yet, then why not try now? This patch is sheer hardwork of our modders. So after playing the Patch, must provide us your feedback!
Here is the Link to Download A2 Studios ICC World t20 2012 Patch. Install WinRAR software to extract patch files.

Download ICC World T20 2012 Patch:

Download Here: ICC-World-T20-2012-Patch.EXE (170 MB)
Download Here: WCt20 2012 Fixtures
Download Here: Zaxwillows 256 HD Batpack (must)
Credits: RAVITEJA for uploading the Patch



Download and Install these patch files in the sequence listed below:
CLICK HERE to read the tutorial about HOW TO INSTALL PATCHES FOR CRICKET 07!

  1. Freshly installed EA Cricket 07. (skip this step if you have already installed the game)
  2. Download & Install ZAX 256 Bat Pack(Your Game will crash/hang if you do not install batpack)
  3. Download & Install face pack &Roster (by Charles)
  4. Download & Install Kits
  5. Download & Install Logos 
  6. Download & Install Outfields
  7. Download & Install Overlay& Menu Overlay
  8. Download & Install Stadiums
  9. Download & Install Pitchad & Stumps
  10. Download & Install Fixtures & Menu Text
  11. Download & Install Menu & License Screen 
  12. Download & Install Tournament Logo & Trophy
  13. Download & Install Intro video
  14. Download & Install Boundary Music Patch (plays music at 4, 6 & on Wickets)
  15. Download & Install Gameplay Patch



  • After Following above steps, launch the Cricket07.exe
  • In main menu, go to My Cricket > Load > Load the roster “WT20.ROS”
  • then go to Games Modes > International > ICC World Twenty20
  • Set the fixtures as “2012” and overs as “20
  • Set the use team, start playing the Patch!


CLICK HERE to read the tutorial about HOW TO INSTALL PATCHES FOR CRICKET 07!

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48 Responses

Let us know what do you feel. Comment below

  1. afnan ishaq says:

    my ipl 6 game crashes when i click on “CONTINUE” when match comletes . it asks “cricket 07” has stop working . i have done all steps of ipl overlay menu . give me sol. plzz

  2. omkar shete says:

    plzzzzzzzzzz tail meeeeeeee

  3. omkar shete says:

    and when i win against afghanistan the windows closed

  4. omkar shete says:

    Async load of ac772756bb3d34b1619decf334a13561.big failed
    what should i do

  5. akhil teja says:

    9dd4d6d78c76d21d1835dc8078410350 fsh failed what i should do know pls tell meeeee

  6. i have ran all in oe patch but it is not working properly.
    it works as a simple 07 game and not as wct20 2012.

  7. bro ur some patches giving half menu i tried this patch also nd same error half menu is in white color udervise patch is fantastic

  8. I have followed all the steps but the game crashes showing the message “Async load of 9dd4d6d78c76d21d1835dc8078410350.fsh failed”

    please help me with the download of the above file.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I followed all the steps but it is not working… it shows message like “Async load of 90d68875ef3f8b0gga68596ed0ad90af.fsh failed”

    please provide the downlaodig link of above file

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes after game loading it hangs

  11. @Shahzaib Shamsi I just checked everything is fine. You should try again.


  13. the Logos are unable to download from fileswap

  14. @Waqar Paracha this is bat error. You should Install Zax 256 Bat pack properly. download & extract the rar file, run unpacker.exe, there you will find a setup of it, run it and install in your cricket 2007 directory. And place bats.xml file in cicket 2007 folder.

  15. Salam
    I am also followed all the steps but it is not working… it shows message like “Async load of 273e3e354fb9b07cccbd61b1cfe21c16.fsh failed”

    in play now match

  16. farukh raza says:

    not working plz put it all in a installer,for making it easy
    like you have done wc 11

  17. Abhay Kumar says:

    Sorry for the above comment..

    Installed your patch.
    Started The Tournament.
    Won The Finals.
    Got A Very Amazing Experience.

    Thanks A2 Studios.
    You Rocks.

    Just One Question – How you make these types of patches ??

    Thanks Again..!!

  18. Abhay Kumar says:

    When do the quarter finals,semi finals & finals come..??
    Because i’m getting bored of playing super eight mathces only….

  19. @Usama Farooq

    Download and install this “https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_M5QWA-D9YbOC05RmJuUlVqV0U/edit?pli=1”

  20. Usama Farooq says:

    I followed all the steps but it is not working… it shows message like “Async load of 12af3da431eedb2653bc7322ab7a6034,fsh failed”

  21. @Usama Farooq

    install 256 batpack, faces & stadiums with name changer properly as we mentioned

  22. Usama Farooq says:

    I followed all 14 steps but game isn’t working or u can say roster is not working bcz when i tried other roster game worked properly and after using Roster of T20 2012 game crashes after Toss…. Plz update the roster or tell me another method to play this game using Same Roster… 🙂 Thnks

  23. raahat888 says:

    Yes I have downloaded everything and the roster is in the correct folder and files are installed in the correct folder too but when I start the game all I get is a black screen, no sound no nothing, I waited for about 5-10 minutes and nothing happened, so if you could, I would appreciate if you could send me the patch in one installer? Please and Thank you.