A2 Studios ICC Champions Trophy Patch 2017 for EA Sports Cricket 2007 Download


Hello A2 Studios fans, we bring you the hot ICC Champions Trophy Patch 2017 for EA Sports Cricket 2007. The patch is completely free of cost & easy to download for our fans. ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Patch contains High Quality Kits of all 8 participant teams, beautifully modeled and textured stadiums, incredibly HD Logos, overlays, realistic faces of all players, up to dated squads of all teams, and much more. Mouthwatering! Isn’t it. So just download the patch & read out the instruction of how to install the patch.

Test yourself then believe!

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Patch Features:

  • LATEST kits assigned correctly for ALL 8 Champions Trophy teams.
  • All Champions Trophy team logos added (HD)
  • Realistic looking stadiums modified and created!
  • Roster with real names + transfers updated!
  • HD Pitchads, LED stumps and outfields!
  • All new faces added and realistically assigned!
  • Genuine fixtures
  • 256 HD BATS correctly assigned to the players who own their bat!
  • Realistic gameplay – no hitting sixes every ball

Download here : (72 MB)

How To Install ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Patch:

    1. You must have EA Sports Cricket 07 video game in your personal computer.
    2. Download & install KumarWillowz 256 HD Batpack in EA Sports Cricket 07 Installed folder.  (Must install this Batpack, otherwise your game will crash and “Async load of .fsh” error will show)
    3. Download A² Studios ICC CT 2017 Patch.RAR FILE
    4. Extract downloaded Patch Rar file anywhere in your computer.
    5. Run ‘CT17Patch.EXE’ install it in EA Sports Cricket 07 Installed Folder.
    6. Copy ‘A2CT17.ROS’ FOLDER (whole folder, not the file inside it)
    7. Paste ‘A2CT17.ROS’ FOLDER in ‘C:\Users\XYZ\Documents\EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07D
    8. Run you Game.
    9. Go to My Cricket > Load/Save > Load roster > ‘A2CT17.ROS’
    10. Go to ICC Champions Trophy > International > ICC CT 2017 > Choose 2017 Fixtures & 50 overs.  Start Playing!

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Patch for Cricket 07 Content:

  1. Download: EA Sports Cricket 2007 Full PC Game
  2. Download: Kumar 256 Bat Pack
  3. Download: ICC CT 2017 Kits Patch
  4. Download: ICC CT 2017 Logos
  5. Download: ICC CT 2017 Pitchad and LED Stumps
  6. Download: ICC CT 2017 Roster Patch
  7. Download: ICC CT 2017 Faces Patch (England, India, Pakistan)
  8. Download: ICC CT 2017 Overlay Patch
  9. Download: ICC CT 2017 Stadiums


Patch Credits:

S.No Patch Credits
1 Pitchad & Led Stumps Arpit
2 Graphics Set/Misc Arpit
3 Kitpack Roni Ghosh
4 Team Logos VD Quint
5 Overlay & Scorecards VD Quint
6 Stadiums Arpit, Aakash Singh & Addy
7 Roster/Squads X Factor, Manish Reddy & Xtylish Numi
8 Tournament Fixtures Arpit
9 Faces Manish Reddy & Xtylish Numi
10 Menu Shailesh, Arpit & ARK Rafay


ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Patch Screenshots:


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  1. shubham says:

    game isnt start close autometically i have forc stop problem

  2. shelin11 says:

    When I arrive at the download page and click the download link i am not able to download the bat pack patch. When i click the download link it directs to the download page again. Please give me the direct download link of the batpack patch

  3. Daniyal says:

    sir the game is tuck when we exit from match

  4. anas says:

    please fiz it soon

  5. anas says:

    bro as pakistan user i am facing problem in second match of champions trophy i am facing async load .fsh problem any solution?

  6. Dipjyoti Chakraborty says:

    Still after 10pm the patch link is not working.. 🙁 🙁

  7. anas says:

    when i see 22 june 10 so i came to know your team will realease it 10 pm.ok fine

  8. shubham says:

    after clicking download button their is not link for downloading… pls help for download

  9. Edwin says:

    When will roster and faces pack will release… Please release this one as separately…..this will be very helpful……


  11. Adi Mishra says:

    The ICC CT2017 Kits Pack link is not working.

  12. Steve Austin says:

    Sir link is not working it open ad.fly official page

  13. Steve Austin says:

    When will roster and faces pack will release

  14. Vivek C.G says:

    Plz release Tomorrow….

  15. anas says:

    please release it tomorrow im very exiting and waiting for your patch

  16. KayKay says:

    High Quality faces and cool overlay..as usual you guys are really rocking and the best…Waiting for the patch

  17. Vivek C.G says:

    Publish the Exact date of release…

  18. Vivek C.G says:

    Is it Release the patch of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 tommoarow…

  19. anas says:

    can you tell me the exact date of release?

  20. anas says:

    can you please tell me when we want to change the camera it change correctly ?
    without any graphics issue?

  21. Vivek C.G says:

    May I know the Exact Date plz..

  22. Edwin says:

    Hi Team, in overlay pack, fielding position graphics doesn’t look cool. Can you please change it.

  23. Vivek C.G says:

    Replay the release date of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 patch….?

  24. Vivek C.G says:

    Release fast the roster and game play patch of ICC Champions Trophy 2017…is it release tommarow…..

  25. Edwin says:

    Thanks for taking my suggestion by splitting patches. When will be Gam play, Overlay and Faces and roster available.