A2 Studios’ CLT20 Patch Roster & Face Pack Released


A2 Studios CLT20 Patch Roster and Face Pack for EA Sports Cricket 07 now released. Download here CLT20 Patch Roster and Face Pack for EA Sports Cricket 07 now. This CLT20 Patch Roster is created by Harshit, a2 Studios modder while the facepack credit goes to Charu, Ahad & PsK.


* Download Both Roster Face Files and Roster

* Roster Faces Files folder contain more than 700 faces files, copy all files and paste into cricket root directory [ C:Program FilesEA SPORTSEA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07 ]

* Roster folder contain CLT20 roster ,copy CLT20.ros folder and paste into [My DocumentsEA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07]

* Run Game and Enjoy , now all players have unique faces.


* My roster pack compatible only with Zax-256 bats pack, so you must install Zax-256 bats pack.

* You will found Zaxotes Bats pack here –> Zax-256 bats Pack


* This Roster Specially made for champions League T20 Series.

* CLT20 Roster Credits goes to Harshit Srivastava [Ra-one]

Download CLT20 Patch Roster and Face Pack

Download here: CLt20 Face Pack
Download here: CLT20 Roster

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  1. Samir Raj says:

    After click download link ads come acome and I’m download it so helpme to fix this problem

  2. praneeth says:

    logos and kits of the teams didnt change !! pls help !

  3. @Hari prasath
    You have to install batpack first in order to avoid .fsh errors and then
    Install faces to avoid .big errors.
    both of them need to be installed in EA Sports cricket 2007 root directory.

  4. Hari prasath says:

    After completing Toss i’m getting a abort message “Async load d008278519668963c8f58534cce8d646.fsh failed” and “Async load 10da12be8eaccea06fd73bfe2811afc6.big”. How can i fix this???

  5. Where Is The Blady Download Link And This Site Is Full Of Ads. Come On Man!!! No Download Link ……..