A2 Studios’ Big Bash League + IPL 4 Patch (BBL-IPL) for EA Sports Cricket 2007


So A² Studios’ KFC Big Bash League Patch- “T20 Rampage” is finally here. The Patch contains Big Bash League + IPL 4 Stuffs such as, kits, stadiums, squads, logos, pitchad, stumps, overlays, faces & much much more..We hope that you’ll enjoy this patch to the fullest. After downloading the Patch, read out the Instuctions below.

a2 studios big bash league t20 rampage patch


  • Ahad [Kits, Logos , Menu, Loading Screen & Misc.]
  • Addy [Stadiums, Graphics set, Outfields & Misc. ]
  • Charu [Roster, Faces]
  • MattW [Overlays]
  • Shaharyar [BBL Fixtures]
  • Yashwanth [Crowd]
  • Parvez [Providing some necessary O Models]


  1. Freshly Installed EA Sports Cricket 2007
  2. ZaxWillowz 256 BatPack Download Here ZaxWillowz256-Unpacker.exe
    Install this Batpack into your EA Sports Cricket 2007 Root folder.


  1. BBL-PATCH.EXE [Must be installed first into a freshly Installed EA Sports Cricket 2007. Make sure you do not install IPL-PATCH.EXE then, because it contains IPL stuffs like fixtures, menu etc. If you’re Done playing BBL Patch, then you can Switch to IPL with that Installer.]
  2. IPL-BBL.ros Folder [Copy this folder & Paste in ‘EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07’ folder in My Documents]
  3. Switch to IPL Folder [This folder Contains IPL-PATCH.EXE, if you’re done playing BBL Patch, run this installer to get IPL Patch Files i.e Menu, Fixture, text files etc, If you want to switch back to BBL, run the BBL-PATCH.EXE installer again]
  4. Read_Me [Contains necessary Instructions.]


  1. Download & Install “ZaxWillowz™,The Ultimate 256 Batpack”. Can be downloaded here ZaxWillowz256-Unpacker.exe  to your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007’s Root Directory.
  2. Extract the downloaded Patch Files named “A² Studios’ KFC Big Bash League Patch.RAR” to any Directoy of your choice.
  3. Run “BBL-SETUP.EXE” and install the patch in your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007’s Root Directory.
  4. Copy “IPL-BBL.ros” Folder & Paste in “EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07” folder located in My Documents.
  5. In game, Load the “IPL-BBL.ros” first, & start playing Realistic BBL Patch.
  6. If you’re done playing BBL Patch, & want to switch to IPL tournament just run “IPL-SETUP.EXE” & install it into your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007’s Root Directory. If You want to play BBL again just Install “BBL-SETUP.EXE” again.


  1. In Main Menu, go to My Cricket, and load the Roster ‘IPL-BBL.ros’
  2. Go to Games Modes > DOMESTIC > BIG BASH LEAGUE
  4. Set the Fixtures as 2006 and Overs as 20
  5. Select the team of your choice.
  6. And start enjoying Big Bash League Patch!


  1. Install IPL-PATCH.EXE, after you have installed BBL-PATCH.EXE [in your Cricket 2007 Root Directory]
  2. In Main Menu, go to My Cricket, and load the Roster ‘IPL-BBL.ros’
  3. Go to Games Modes > DOMESTIC > INDIAN CRICKET
  4. Select DLF IPL T20
  5. Set the Fixtures as 2006 and Overs as 20
  6. Select the team of your choice.
  7. And start enjoying IPL Patch!


  1. Abbh’s Modified EXE [for realistic gameplay]
  2. The Edited Camera Patch [Can be Downloaded HERE]




A2 Studios Cricket

⚾ a2 studios EA Sports Cricket 07 & DonBradman DBC 14 Patches, Vivo IPL 9 Patch, ICC T20 World Cup 2016, HBL PSL t20 Patch.

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  1. when will it release ipl 5 patch a2 Studios

  2. Raviteja says:

    A2 Studios …hey dear…very nice to hear this information….plzzz release your anticipated ipl5 patch this month,july only….already you have postponed once….plzzz don’t repeat it again…it’s my kind request….:)

  3. Big Boss says:

    Where is the Patch,5th July is gone.Hurry Up

  4. Raviteja says:

    Hey…i think they will release 15th or after 15th july….

  5. Abhishek M says:

    dude! july 5th is gone where is your patch….

  6. BiShaL RoY says:

    where is the ROSTER and FIXTURES ???????????????????

  7. saurav dixit says:

    please release on today 1 day wait

  8. pllz releae it todayyy……………

  9. Raviteja says:

    @A2 studio mods….hey team..but u said that u will release the patch on july 5??

  10. CHAREN TEJA says:

    Plz Release Before 15 July Plz Arene Plzzzzzzzzz :'(

  11. Arene says:

    A2 STUDIOS MODS : It will release on 15 july……….SOORY FOR THE DELAY

  12. yup mate please release on july 5th we can’t wait anymore 🙁

  13. CHAREN TEJA says:

    Its Very Bad To Listen This News … 🙁

    Plzzzz Keep It On July 5 A2 Studios Team Plzzzzzzz

    We Can’t Able To Wait So Long Plz Keep It Soon Plzzzzzz 🙁

  14. CHAREN TEJA says:

    Hy3 Guys See Dis 🙁

    A2StudiosMods : We might face a delay in releasing IPL5 Patch due to our busy life. Till then enjoy 4 of the released stadiums,… fb.me/1OoQqauab

    Its Very Bad To Listen Dis 🙁

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Amit Wani says:

    Great its just 5 days to go….

  17. ashimdeb says:

    he dear a2 studio , plz ipl 5 make more relating than before plz if you add more shot to play , like halicupter shot ,etc,, camera,,,,,,music background , new roster,,,all,,,,i hope you guys do as your well……..thanks

  18. yo says:


  19. Raviteja says:

    wowww……it’s really great….to here the news….but I request you to release you release the patch as early as possible dear team…as your fans’ are eagerly waiting for your awesome patch and I whole heartedly thank Ahad, Addy, Biggui…etc…the member’s of the A2 studios..for releaseing the realistic and anticipated patches…and please release the “IPL5 Patch”..as soon as possible…:)

  20. wow…. its a long wait but it’ll be awesome patch… thanx A2 studios…. good work

  21. Abhishek M says:

    i’m waiting eagerly pls. upload a complete trailer of ipl5 patch… to give us a hint… hats off 2 a2studios truly best in business..

  22. try to release as soon as possible

  23. july 5th very long to wait:(