A2 Studio IPL-5 Roster & faces by Charles – Download Here


A2 Studios DLF IPL-5 Roster & faces for EA Sports Cricket 07 now released. Download here DLF IPL-5 Roster & faces for EA Sports Cricket 07 now. This CLT20 Patch Roster is created by Kingston Charles ‘Charu’, a2 Studios modder while the facepack credit goes to Charu, Ahad & PsK.


* Download Both King’s Roster Faces Pack and A2 Studios IPL-5 Roster

* Roster Faces Pack folder contain more than 600 faces files, copy all files and paste into cricket root directory [ C:Program FilesEA SPORTSEA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07 ]

* A2 Studios IPL-5 Roster folder contain roster and XML files ,copy A2-IPL5.ros folder and paste into [My DocumentsEA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07]

*Copy XML files and paste into cricket root directory [ C:Program FilesEA SPORTSEA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07 ]

* Run Game and Enjoy , now all players have unique faces.


* My roster pack compatible only with Zax-256 bats pack, so you must install Zax-256 bats pack.

* You will found Zaxotes Bats pack here –> Zax-256 bats Pack


* All International ,Australian Domestic,Other Section Teams updated with current players

* Roster have more than 600 unique players faces and Bats are assigned to mostly all players.

# “730eef3fd7726e43de955f21083ab000.xml” –>All players skin type and Shirt number colors of all kits [This XML must for roster]

# “6db25817c37163921676c2d9be05214e.xml” –> Bowlers Speed

# “Bats.xml”–> All players Face unique id’s and unique code

# Mostly roster error free if you get any error inform i will fix it next version.

# Thanks to all who supported to make perfect roster..

Faces Pack –> Download HERE
A2 Studios IPL-5 Roster –> Download HERE

a2 studios patches for ea sports cricket 2007 latest kit, stadium, logos, download free

A2 Studios Cricket

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14 Responses

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  1. Akash Raj says:

    I’ve installed IPL 5 roster and faces with bats pack but I used to have IPL 4 patch and chamions league patch.Now its all mixed up and teams are mixed up ex.RCB plays as Cape Cobras stuff like that how do I delete the previous patch and only play with this one?P.S whenever I play the IPL it just skips and declares KKR winners (KKR plays in CSK uniform and CSK symbol)

  2. @SARATH KRISHNAN because you must not have installed faces and 256 batpack properly.

  3. when the game runs with ur rooster it doesnt work bt on default cricket07 rooster it works what to doo

  4. Mohit Sharma says:

    After everything, When i open eng domestic there is not any ipl. but on opening any tournament in same folder teams are ipl teams but logos are not right. and when i play match names are right but kits of teams are not right ones……
    PLEASE HELP ME????????

  5. Gaurav Kumar says:

    how to get this type of fonts…??
    they r lukin cool B)

  6. Akshay A J says:

    What is the .big file for S.Narine ??

  7. @Thiviyan Senthilrajah install batpack properly. So that all .fsh files remain in Cricket 2007 root directory

  8. hey i m done with all the steps… but if one wicket goes…cam crashes…and bats are not correct to the players,,

  9. JOy BHAtt says:

    Hey!! from where should i play ipl

  10. hey….
    when i play match there are 15-17 players only but when i go to my cricket it is 20…….
    what to do tell me plzzzzz!!! 🙁

  11. Anand says:

    Hi i followed everything as you said and installed the patch, The game runs properly. But i noticed that in my game there is no player numbers printed on chennai super kings jersey. Only the player name appears in red colour. For the other teams it comes correctly. Can you help me in this?

  12. Thanks for your Reply ,
    i tried to download bbl patch from your links provided in Mega patches but the files are removed from Media Fire.
    Can you give me the Alternative link of Big Bash patch…….??

  13. i am facing problem with this patch its showing both bbl and ipl teams and delhi team is in RCB jersey
    its a kind of conflict how to solve this problem ??